Air Cooler Cleaning Chemical

Air cooler cleaning chemical are basically solvent emulsions that are used to clean air coolers of diesel engines, scavenging air systems and compressor. When dirt grease, carbonaceous deposits   and soil gets accumulated on fins and tubes of man engine during continuous operation, they render the machine less efficient and ultimately damage the system. Air cooler cleaning chemical it only cleans the coolers gently yet effectively but also consists of corrosion inhibitors thus making the solution non-corrosive in nature. Upon coming in contact with any dirty, grease or soiled surface, the self-foaming cleaner immediately starts its reaction. Thanks to excellent penetration properties of the cleaner, it acts fast on the surface to be cleaned and dissolves dirt and grease effectively. It penetrates the coils so deeply that no part is left untouched.


The Air Cooler Cleaning chemical is used to clean radiators, diesel engine coolers, scavenger air systems, turbo chargers of engines , air cooled condensers and chillers, car condensers, air cooler tube bundle and a lot more. The process can be carried out by means of three methods-spraying, immersion bath and circulation.


Spraying method: The cleaner can be hand sprayed on to cooler coils and left for at least 10-15mins to allow good wetting and penetration. After the elapsed time, the loosened dirt is washed off with fresh water under high pressure .This enables all the loose dirt particles to be washed off. Care should be taken to keep the engine in off mode and the drain valve open during this time. Once the coils have been washed, the drain valve can be closed.


Immersion method: The cooler parts can be cleaned by immersing them in the cleaner solution for at least two hours. This method helps stubborn carbon deposits to get emulsified and loosen.  The solution needs to be heated to 50 degrees along with agitation with an air line. After the elapsed time, the solution needs to be drained off and the parts need to be cleaned under pressure with fresh water. This will allow all loosed dirt and sediments to get washed away.


Circulation method: With the circulation method the cleaning is carried out with the help of a pump tank and a pipe system .These are permanently fitted to or connections are provided for engaging a temporary circuit. The system is filled with the cleaner solution and circulated for 24hrs at a temperature of 50 degree. This helps in dissolving and loosening   even the toughest and farthest of grease and dirt stains. Once done, the cooler is thoroughly flushed with fresh water and dries immediately with an air line.


Cleaning at 50 degree of temperature for a specified time periods has its own advantage.  More the fouled area, more time it will take to emulsify and dissolve the dirt. Both the temperature and the cleaning time can be altered to best suit the soiled parts.


The air cooler cleaning chemical is a non-corrosive cleaner apt for cleaning all parts of a cooler. It contains up to 94% of active matter thus making it a strong emulsion for cleaning such parts. The cleaner needs to be used in concentrated form to get effective cleaning results. This cleaner is available in varied quantities depending upon your usage and need. Thus it is economic and cost effective.

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