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Sodium Acetate A.R. Grade

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Sodium Acetate A.R. Grade is available as an agglomerate and a powder (anhydrous) as well as a crystal (trihydrate). Sodium Acetate trihydrate is very soluble in water. Sodium Acetate A.R. Grade agglo [+] Read More...
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Sodium Acetate
Short Description:
Sodium Acetate A.R. Grade
Sodium Acetate A.R. Grade
Sodium Acetate is a salt of a strong base and a weak acid providing the application to be used as buffers in petroleum production and drilling muds, in food preservations, and in electroplating. It is [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
Dose depends on application of Products.
Stability : A.R grade Sodium Acetate is stable for 3 years from date of production. All other grades have 2 years stability. Physical stability and appearance may change before the end of shelf-life if not [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:


Physical state and appearance   Solid. (Granular, crystalline powder.)
Odour   Odourless to acetic (Slight.)
Molecular Weight   82.03 g/mole
pH (1% soln/water)   10-11
Melting Point    324°C (615.2°F)
Specific Gravity   1.528 (Water = 1)
Solubility   Easily soluble in cold water, hot water.

Physical state and appearance: Solid. (Granular, crystalline powder.)
Odor: Odorless to acetic (Slight.)
Taste: Not available.
Molecular Weight: 82.03 g/mole
Color: Colorless. White.
pH (1% soln/water): 11 [Basic.]
Boiling Point: Not available.
Melting Point: 324°C (615.2°F)
Critical Temperature: Not available.
Specific Gravity: 1.528 (Water = 1)
Vapor Pressure: Not applicable.
Vapor Density: Not available.
Volatility: Not available.
Odor Threshold: Not available.
Water/Oil Dist. Coeff.: Not available.
Ionicity (in Water): Not available.
Dispersion Properties: See solubility in water.
Solubility: Easily soluble in cold water, hot water.


Sodium Acetate A.R. Grade
Packing Size:
1.00 Pack
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