Slip Coat uses and application

Capt. ravi.prakash 4:54 PM (3rd JAN'19)
Dear Sir,
Ref our telcon, please find attached Hold photos after discharging of Australian Coal and cleaning (without applying any chemicals) in oct 2018 . Then vsl loaded Indonesian Coal and will be discharging same in abt a week. Next voyage is getting fixed to load Urea from Saudi. Basis the photos, which chemical would you suggest to be used. We were thinking of RXSOL PCS along with Aquatuff. Fyi, Owners have supplied 1200 Ltrs of Aquatuff HF last month. 
Thanks & best regards,
Capt. ravi.prakash

Dear Sir,

In image we can observe that BOTTOM line of hold is rusted, And your plan to load CLEAN CARGO like urea which is ammonia-ted product can result further heavy rusting. So here our suggestion is to go with PCS with Aquatuff HF. And after cleaning hold rust can be treated with RUST CONVERTOR by the ratio of 1:100 Ltr with water, this will change free iron rust content to orginal metal colour. ( For treatment of rust Each Hold  maximum 50 Ltr RUST CONVERTOR REQUIRED ) and Finally HOLD can be treat with SLIP COAT polymer, with dilution ration of 1:100 Ltr with Water. ( For Each Hold polymer coating  maximum 50 Ltr Slip Coat REQUIRED )

Refer this link to get IMAGE of CARGO HOLD. HOLD CONDITION REPORT 12.10.2018(1).xlsx 

USES of slip coat provide transparent POLYMER layer in between UREA and HOLD surface.
Application of SLIP COAT is always be wise decision, this will not only protect hold metal surface from UREA contact, but also helps to release cargo without adhesion on cargo.
Thanking you
Silvi HOLD CONDITION REPORT 12.10.2018(1).xlsx

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