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Sulfamic Acid Descaler Cleaner with colour indicator Inhibitor

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Sulfamic Descalant Sulphamic acid is very useful products for removing scales obtained from water in heating and cooling systems e.g. boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, jackets and coils
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Accepta 2316

Short Description:
Sulphamic acid can be used for removing scales obtained from water in heating and cooling systems e.g. boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, jackets and coils
Generic Name:
Descaling powder with colour indicator
Active Matter:
IMPA Code:
550970, 550971
Sulfamic Acid Descaler Cleaner with colour indicator Inhibitor
White crystalline soild, non-volatile, non-volatile, non hydroscopic. Soluble in water and odorless. Toxic by ingestion. Uses: Metal and ceramic cleaning, amine sulfamates, ph control, hard water scal [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
DIRECTION OF USAGE •    Machines should be rinsed with water to remove loose flakes & sludge's before use •    Powder should be added to warm water for an ideal solution •    The sample should be properly [+] Read More...
Packing of Sulphamic acid Sulphamic Acid is available in H.D.P.E. bags of net 25 and 50 Kgs. Material. Sample packets of 100-200 gms. are supplied on request.  Advantages of using Sulphamic Acid Sulp [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:

Sulphamic Acid Specifications :    

Sulphamic Acid Based Descalants
Our high quality range of Sulfamic Acid Descalant is non hazardous & non flammable, and does not give off unbearable fumes. It’s perfect for removing scales from cooling towers, coils, heat exchangers, condensers and heating & cooling systems. Sulfamic Acid Descalant increases the efficiency of working of a plant and equipment on cooling and cleaning surfaces by removing industrial scale.

Sulfamic ACID various grade :::

A) Export Quality 

CAS Number: 5329-14-6

IUPAC: sulfamic acid
Common Chemical Name Sulfamic Acid
Molecular Formula NH2SO3H
Molecular Weight 97.09
Purity of Sulfamic 98.1%(min.)
Moisture 0.1% max
Physical Appearance White crystaline powder
Matter Insoluble in water 0.05
Sulphate as So4 0.1
Lead as Pb 0.0001
Iron as Fe 0.001
Ammonical Nitrogen as NH4 HSO4 0.15
Synonyms of Sulphamic Acid: SULFAMIC ACID, Sulfamidic acid, Amidosulfonic acid, Jumbo, Sulphamic acid, Amidosulfuric acid, Aminosulfonic acid, Imidosulfonic acid, Sulfaminic acid, Aminosulfuric acid, Sulphamidic acid, Sulfamidsaeure, sulfuramidic acid, Amidoschwefelsaeure, Kyselina sulfaminova


Melting point
205 Deg.C
Decomposition Temperature
209 Deg.C
Specific Gravity
Bulk Density (loose)
1.0 - 1.2
Bulk Density (packed)
1.0 - 1.6
Dissociation constant
B)  sulphamic acid Technical grade
Purity- 99 % w/t min
sulphate- 0.05 % w/t/ max.
Iron[fe] - 0.001 % w/t/ max.
Lead [pb] - 0.001 % w/t/ max.
Apperiance - white crystalline powder.
Material insoluble in water - 0.1 % w/t/ max.
Ammonical nitrogen- 0.15 % w/t/ max.
C) Sulphamic acid Descalant grade
Purity- 97 % min.
Moisture- 1 % min.
Sulphate As so4 - 0.02 % max.
Lead as [pb] - 0.001 % max.
Iron as [fe] - 0.001 % max.
Ammonical  nitrogen - 0.015 % max.
Inhibitor dose - 1.5 % min.
Inhibitor efficiency - 98 % min.

Efficiency :Rapid Softening, disintegration and dissolving of scales.


By reducing down-time, productivity is increased. by protecting metal and by uniform leaning of the surface equipment life is prolonged and performance made superior. The above information is adequate for commonly encountered problems of descaling.

Handling & Storage


•    No Fumes Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Wear Cup-type, rubber or soft plastic-framed goggles, protective clothing, and rubber gloves must be worn when handling.

•    Keep in a tightly closed container. Protect from physical damage.

•    Store in a cool, dry, ventilated area away from sources of heat, moisture and incompatibilities.

•    Containers containing this material may be hazardous when empty since they retain product residues (dust, solids); observe all warnings and precautions listed for the product.

•    Ensure as low exposure as possible. Local exhaust ventilation is generally preferred as it can control the emissions of the contaminant at its source, preventing dispersion of it into the general work area.

The self-indicating grade that changes colours to indicate that the efficiency of material has been finished.
Colourless Solution showing Powerful Strength.
Light Brown-Yellow Solution indication Poor strength, In this stage addition of more powder required to dissolve the scale.
Blue colour solution will result in neutralization of Acidic Power, After completion of Descaling process system must be neutralized with ALKALI SOLUTION. When we'll put alkali solution into the used descaler - solution, Acidic power will get neutralized and BLUE colour will develop.

Sulfamic Acid is a Zwitterion, a molecule with two charges that counteract each other, the Nitrogen and Oxygen have a greater pull on the bond pair of electrons due to the high electro-negativity, this causes the bond to be polar, the Nitrogen and Oxygen draw the electrons closer and become slightly negative, the Hydrogens become positive because the negative electrons are further away.

Grades of Sulphamic acid as a descalant:

The GP grade of Sulphamic acid:

The GP grade may be used for removing scales obtained from water in heating and cooling systems e.g. boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, jackets and coils.

The SR grade of Sulphamic acid:

This formulation is recommended for scales containing high silica. Typical examples are scales found in caustic evaporators in the Aluminum industry and black liquor evaporator in the pulp industry.

The  RXSOL TM grade of Sulphamic acid:  SUPERIOR BLEND of Corrosion inhibitor

This formulation is recommended for removal of scales from heat exchangers made of Titanium metal.  We provide Sulfamic Acid descalant that has scale solubilizing capacity and added corrosion resistance blends which offer maximum protection to metal of equipment being cleaned. Our range of Sulfamic Acid descalant is ideal for removing scales from cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, coilers, condensers, and various other heating and cooling systems. We also provide Sulfamic Acid descalant in self-indicating grade that changes colors to indicate that the efficiency of material has been finished.


A strong crystalline acid, Sulfamic Acid is also known as an intermediate compound between Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), and Sulfamide (H4N2SO2) and a dry, non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, odorless, white crystalline, stable acid, moderately soluble in water that forms strongly acidic aqueous solution, comparable in acidity to the common strong mineral acids.

Applications Of Sulphamic Acid:

Sulphamic acid in descaling

Sulphamic Acid is super efficient descaling agent and is used for cleaning a variety of industrial equipment and domestic appliances.

Sulphamic acid in paper & pulp Industry

Sulphamic Acid prevents pulp degradation due to a temperature at the chlorination and hydrochloride stage. It permits bleaching at a higher temperature and lower PH without loss of strength.

Sulphamic acid is used in the manufacturing of Dyes, Pigments and in the dyeing of leather

Sulphamic Acid removes excess of nitrides used in the diazotization reactions in the manufacturing of dye stuff and pigments. Nitrides if present in process water of effluents can also be removed by using Sulphamic Acid

Sulphamic acid in Chlorine Stabilization

Chlorine gas in water form HOCL which reacts with Sulphamic Acid form N-Chloro-Sulphamic Acid to N-ChloroSufamic Acid more stable and yet has active chlorine, Because of this, Sulphamic Acid is used for stabilizing chlorine in swimming pools and cooling towers.

Sulphamic acid in Electroplating and Electro-refining

Metal sulphamate electrolytes values for their high solubility cadmium, cobalt nickel, lead-silver and radium sulphate deposits are bright and dense. Lead sulphamate is used in refining lead when a high quality is desired.

Sulphamic acid in Sulphation and Sulphamation

Sulphamic acid is used for sulphation and sulphamation of many organic compounds. Sulphation of aklyl pheno-ethylen oxide condensation products 9for detergents and sulphation of ethoxylated phenol-formaldehyde resins is preferable with Sulphamic Acid. Stronger agents cause unwanted ring sulphonation.

Sulphamic acid in the Plastic industry

Sulphamic acid finds application in the plastic wherever a curing agent is required which does not have the disadvantage of inorganic acids and which acts faster than organic acids.

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Suggestion ::: Our daily descaling works helps to share helpful tricks to dissolve hard scale easily, Always use 5-10 %  our new generation hard scale deposit remover powder RXSOL-11-1102-025 . Addition of RXSOL-11-1102-025 helps to clean 100% scale from system .

Sulfamic Acid Descaler Cleaner with colour indicator Inhibitor
Packing Size:
25.00 Kg.(PWD)
Available Packing Size:

500 Grm / 1 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 35 / 210

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