Product List Comparison Table

Air Cooler Cleaner RXSOL ACC 009 RX Air Cooler Cleaner ACC - 9 ACC-79101 Air Cooler Cleaner B-80
All Purpose Cleaner RXSOL-12-1501-AP - - - -
Carbon Remover RXSOL-16-1003-CDC Carbon Remover Carbon Remover SEA SHIELD- 79106 Carbon Remover B-85
Degreaser Heavy Duty Rxsol-10-1005-OB Degreaser or C Wash Grease Remover SEA SHIELD- 79115 Degreaser GP-B-248
Water Soluble Degreaser Rxsol-10-1005-SB Enviroclean Drew Clean-2000 9 - 088 Degreaser B-14
Disc Cleaner RXSOL-16-1007-DC Disclean Ameroid DC SEA SHIELD- 79107 -
Scale Remover RXSOL-11-1008--DC Descleaning Liquid Descale IT Descalent -
Scale Remover Dry Powder RXSOL-54-1008-SA Descalex Safe Acid Dry- Acid-0-068 Descalent FB 145
Electric Motor & Machinery Cleaner Rxsol-16-1009-MCB Electrosol-V Dew Electric-2000 Electroclean E ECS Fast Dry
- Electrosol Quick Dry - - - -
Hand Cleaner Waterless Cream RXSOL-16-1001 Natural Hand Cleaner - - -
Metal Bright RXSOL-20-1011-MB Metal Bright Ameroid RSR Metal Brite-9-061 Rust Cleaner L-704
Oil Spill Dispersant RXSOL-17-1012-OD Secare OSD OSD /LT Maxi-Clean-2 Oil Spill Disp-B-1425
Tank Clean H.D. RXSOL-20-2001-TCHD Tankclean TC-4 Maxi-Break 9-044 Tank Clean B-1430
Seaclean RXSOL-20-2002-SC Seaclean - - Tank Clean B
Cold Wash Rxsol-20-2003-CW Cold Wash HDE-777 - -
Alkaline Safety Liquid Rxsol-20-2004 Alkaline Safety liquid - - -
Alkleen Liquid RXSOL-20-2005-HD Alkleen Liquid LAC Alkaline Cleaner (Liquid) Water Based Alkaline
Chembreak RXSOL-20-2006-CB Chembreak Drewclean-2000 - -

Enviroclean RXSOL-20-3001-EC Enviroclean Enviroment-2000 - -
Alkaline Degreaser RXSOL-20-3002 Aquatuff - - -
Aquabreak RX Rxsol-20-3003-HD Aquabreak PX - - -
Universal Wash RXSOL-20-3004-UW Uni-Wash Drew-NBD - -
High Pressure Wash RXSOL-22-3005 HP. Wash - - -
Ultrasonic Cleaner RXSOL-16-3006 Unitor-USE - - -
Cooling water Corrosion inhibitor RXSOL-40-4001 Liquiguard Liquid WT Nalcool-2000 CWT
Diesel Guard RXSOL-40-4002 Dieselguard NB Dewt NC 9-121 P CWT Diesel QC-2
Bio-Guard Rxsol-40-4003 Bio-Guard - 9-321 Antifoulant -
Boiler Water Treatment RXSOL-50-5001-BWT Liquitreat AGK # 100 BWT Liquid Plus BWT QC-3
Alkalinity Control Rxsol-50-5002-AC Alkalinity Control Ameroid GC 9-214 C(P) BWT QC-3 ll
Boiler Cogulant Rxsol-50-5003-BC Boiler Cogulant Ameroid GC 9-214 C(P) BWT QC-3 ll
Combitreat Rxsol COMB-5004 Combitreat - - -
Condensol Amine Rxsol-50-5005-CC Condensole Control - - -
Hardness Control RXSOL-50-5006-HC Hardness Control Adjunct-B 9-724 C BWT QC-3 Organt
Oxygen Control RXSOL-50-5007-OC Oxygen Control Amerzine Eliminox-9-002 -
Vaptreat RXSOL-51-6001 Vaptreat Ameroyal Maxi - Vap FWC Evaport Treatment
Fuel Oil Treatment RXSOL-70-7001 Fuel Care F.O.T. 9-852 Sludge Conditioner
Dual Purpose Plus Rxsol-70-7002 Dual Purpose Plus Ameegy#5000 - -
Fuel Emulsion Breaker RXSOL-70-7003 Gamabreak Amerge#222 - F.Q.T. SA
Dieslite Rxsol-70-7004 Dieslite - - -
Soot Remover RXSOL-70-7005-A Soot Remover LT-Soot Release Soot Remover -
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