Multi Clean


RXSOL - Multi Clean



This product provides single product simplicity with multi application flexibility. This formulation provides this unique combination of deep cleaning, sanitizing and odor control features.This is he result of intensive R&D efforts which incorporates the latest developmental techniques in biotechnology to achieve far superior deep cleaning and odor control capabilities. It was developed specifically to overcome the imitations of "all-purpose cleaners" available in the market.

Packing Size : 5 Ltrs

Benefits & Advantages :

  • Provides superior,long-lasting cleaning,stain removal & odor control.

  • Degrades residual organics (e.g.grease,food spills,urine,etc.) to provide continual deep-cleaning action.

  • Prevents the growth of undesirable disease-causing organisms.

  • Keeps drain lines,sumps & septic tanks unclogged and free of odor.

Dose :   

Mix contents well before use. Product can be applied in a variety of ways (swab,spray and/or wipe; mop & bucket; or in floor cleaning equipment).

  • Floors : Dilute 1% to 3% in bucket

  • Cleaning machines : Use as per machine Manufacturers' instructions.

  • Fittings : Spray,swab and wipe at full strength.

  • Odor control : Spray full strength

  • Drains : Add 50-250 ml per 1-2 inch diam. drain pipes.

  • Grease traps : Add up to 500 mL in trap or in drain close to trap.

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