Double Strength Detergent Degreaser


Degreaser is a strong chemical used for removal of heavy deposits of dirt, grease or oil. The detergent degreaser consists of effective detergent chemicals for purpose of cleaning. While a Double Strength Detergent Degreasers are more impactful, efficient and fast that easily wipes off the impurities from surface. The application of this multi-purpose strong degreaser is very simple to understand and implement. The cleaner or the degreasers instantly work and the deposits of dirt, oil, or grease are quickly dissolved.


Areas of Application

People have become workaholic and they prefer to work where ambience is fresh and tidy. Higher the level of organization we see, higher the level of infrastructure, advanced hygiene and cleanliness is expected. With years of savings, people build a house of their dreams; they value it so much that they always want it to be neat and clean. Any factory, industry, or workshop, the place requires to be kept clean.


The strong detergent is multi-purpose that can be conveniently used at many places and on various objects. The detergent degreaser is used for cleaning of various kinds of floors, tiles, rubber, walls, mats, machinery, swimming pools, lockers, fans, cabinets, refrigerators, motors, air conditioners, vehicles, their engines, equipment, chimneys, ovens, and a lot more. Also, the proportion of the detergent degreaser to water changes as per the object, but its impact remains effective.


Directions of Applying Degreaser

For better performance and best results, the degreasers can be diluted in warm or hot water, depending upon the tolerance of the surface. A delicate object can be with cleaned with lesser ratio of degreaser in normal temperature of water. While a hard surface with heavy deposits, like floors and walls in workshops or machinery in factories, they might require more degreaser quantity in warmer water. And the chemical can be applied with a brush, a spray, or it may be mopped. The cleaner needs to be allowed to absorbed by the deposits so that they can be easily rinsed. 


For general purpose cleaning of different types of floors, one is to 50 detergents to water ratio works fine. For light purpose of cleaning like concrete type areas, one is to 10 parts of water is appropriate. While for areas, where deposits are not much hard or heavy, like Almira or cupboard, then one is to 64 parts of water is pretty much suitable. And for cleaning of greasy ducts, coils, shells, one is to 12 parts of water is required. For equipment, chassis, filters, one is to seven parts of water is needed.


For removal of very difficult deposits, the degreaser cleaner should be left and allowed to enter into the deposits for some time, so that the deposits are loosened from the surface, which makes it easy to be removed thereafter. After leaving it over the surface, it can be gently wiped, rubbed and rinsed. And result is the plain, neat, clean and shining surface.


Precautionary Measures

The degreaser in its pure or diluted form is not recommended to be brought in direct contact with skin. Therefore, those who take up the cleaning process, they put on the gloves before applying degreaser on the objects and surfaces. Still, in case, if the chemical is unknowingly touched by your skin or if  gets in contact with your eyes; it should be immediately washed with plenty of cold water; or by chance if it gets swallowed, then water should be drunk in huge quantities along with citrus fruit juice; and first aid should be given to avoid any reaction. And then doctor should be immediately called for quick and proper medical assistance.


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