Citrus Rino Degreaser


Citrus Rino Degreaser from Rx Marine is an innovative product which keeps up pace with the contemporary products keeping in mind the safety and environmental regulations. Citrus Rino Degreaser concentrate helps emulsifying the grease, fats, oils, tar etc easily without using hazardous acids, alkali or petroleum solvents. These are natural deodorizers and degreasers which clean up even the most stubborn and difficult grease or oil remains. It has a natural citrus fragrance which leaves behind a soothing aroma after the cleaning up are done. Citrus Degreaser is an expert at removing rubber tire marks, adhesives, resins, and printing ink, decals, tar, and asphalt etc marks. This is why it is a useful indoor as well as an outdoor cleaning agent. It is an effective drain cleaner too. It helps save on time and hard scrubbing too, keeping your hands safe and smooth.


Why buy Citrus Rino Degreaser from Rx Marine?

Rx Marine is the best in chemical manufacturing industry. Their long experience of almost two decades has made them pioneer in chemical manufacturing industry. They cater to almost all the industries like marine, railway, waterworks, household etc and have various products which are useful both industrially and domestically. Their products are high concentrated in nature so makes cleaning easy and more effective in lesser time. Their products are made of eco friendly material which keeps in mind safety of not only environment but also of people who are handling them, from laborers to consumers. The products are genuine and come in discrete packaging with advance technology thereby controlling adulteration.


Using Citrus Rino Degreaser from Rx Marine

For cleaning stubborn marks and heavy duty degreasing or for removing rubber tire marks, dilute the concentrated Rino Degreaser 1:9 with water until a uniform emulsion is formed. After 2-3 minutes scrub the affected area and rinse with water. For cleaning the drain, pour the degreaser directly into the drain, let it stand for 2 hours then flush down with hot water and you get a sparkling drain. This product can be used for both industrial as well as household purpose. As it is made of eco friendly chemicals it is not harsh on hands and is not hazardous to health.


Excellent service from Rx marine

Customers or buyers undoubting faith in them have made Rx Marine more customers friendly. There service starts from understanding the customer’s requirement to providing the right solution and products for them. It does not end there; they excel in after sales service too, giving the client no chance to complain even after the products have been sold to them. The professional 24x7 customer service is available for one and all; you may call anytime without any hitch. The products are most economically priced and they also provide delivery at your doorstep. They believe in safety of environment, safety of their laborers and the safety of their customers. Their relation with the customer does not end after sales are over in fact it starts from there, as their customer keep coming back, satisfied.


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