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Bio Control RX - Fuel




RXSOL -70-7012-025

Biocontrol RX is a specially designed liquid biocide against micro organisms contaminating fuel storage tanks and systems. These micro organisms can cause corrosion, clog filters and nozzles and degrade the properties of the fuel. Biocontrol RX  is effective in layers between water and oil where the bacteria growth is most active.

Directions for Use

Biocontrol RX   is self dispersing and can therefore be added directly to the fuel tank. The preventive dose rate is 0.3 Itr per ton of fuel but in strongly infected fuels the dose rate should be 3 Itr per ton of fuel. In case of lube oil contamination.


                                                       TECHNICAL  SPECIFICATION

Features, Benefits

• Kills micro organisms in fuel oil

• Keeps filters and nozzles free from clogging

• Prevents corrosion in fuel systems

• Does not harmful to metal and synthetic rubber

• Does not form corrosive combustion products

No cases have been reported where bacteria have become immune to Biocontrol RX.



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