Aquatuff Cleaning action

Aquatuff chemical nature is as alkaline detergent which has good foam qualities. Aquatuff works to emulsify and loosen Waxy greases oil, vegetable and animal fatty acid oils, sludge, soot, carbon deposition, Coal dirt, Lime Dust, Food Grain and many more.  In INDIA and the Middle East, we are keeping ready stock of AQUATUFF with the full strength of power at a very competitive price. 
Aquatuff Price is in INDIA is 45 INR / Ltr and in the Middle East 3.6 AED / Ltr ( Taxes Extra ). Our group of ship chandler are providing their ship supply services with extra charges applicable. 
Aquatuff High foam is resulting in dense foam with high-pressure cleaning machine. Formation of thick foam helps to eliminate dust particle from the shaded area where manual cleaning and pressure force can't enter. And Aquatuff dense foam also maintains there detergency effect on the vertical surface for a long time, which is resulting optimum cleaning results.  Due to this unique property of Aquatuff High foam makes it popular in SHIP HOLD CLEANING sector. 
Aquatuff High Foam in India available @ very competitive price 45 INR / Ltr + Tax
Aquatuff @ Middle East price is 3.6 AED / Ltr

Our product high viscosity and concentrated cleaning power help to dilute more with water; This will result in the more economical product then OTHERS. 
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