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AQUA Tuff High Foam conc.

Very effective emulsifier - based cleaner for use in hold cleaning and general degreasing. its heavy molecular surfactants rapidly reacts with water and produce effective cleaning solution. May be app [+] Read More...
Generic Name:
Aquatuff High Foam alkaline Ship hold cleaning detergent

Aquatuff high foam resulting extra foam then general Aquatuff. Its excess foaming nature helps particle to loose and coming out from unreachable area. Aquatuff high foam easily available at Mumbai - JNPT, Kandla- Mundra - Sikka, Surat, Chennai - Ennore, Vizag Visakhapatnam - Gangavaram, Kakinada, Kolkata - Haldia - Paradip and Buz Buj. Aquatuff High Foam plays very important role during General cleaing of Bulk Cargo Hold of ship. Its good foaming qualities and alkaline nature solve many cleaning issue during changing of cargo from hold. 

Active Matter:
Packing Size:
25.00 Ltr.
Available Packing Size:
20, 25, 50, 210 Ltrs. Discount is only applicable for purchase of more then 1 Cane. Ready stock at Mumbai, Surat, Navlakhi, Kandla, Mundra, Sikka, Vizag - Visakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Krishnapatnam, Chennai, Ennore, Kolkata - Ennore, Paradip, Fujairah, Dubai, Middle East - UAE
AQUA Tuff High Foam conc.
20-50 % with fresh water . Also acts as an acid-neutralizing agent for Boiler & Colling systems during cleaning & maintenance. Heavy Soil deposition                   Use Undiluted from to 20-50% dil [+] Read More...
Using Procedure:
AQUA TUFF HIGH FOAM LIQUID - HD (RXSOL-22-3033-025) The Importance of AquaTuff by High-Pressure Cleaning The job of high-pressure cleaning can be done easier & quicker by simply using AquaTuff in correct [+] Read More...
AQUA Tuff High Foam concentrate is very effective detergent heavy-duty water based alkaline cleaner. It has numerous cleaning applications including removal of greases, waxes, vegetable and animal oils, RXS [+] Read More...
Technical Specifications:




Liquid, colourless to yellow, soluble in water



Boiling point

>100 °C at 760 mm /Hg

Vapour pressure

not known

Vapour density

not applicable

Freezing point

5 °C at 760 mm/Hg

Solubility                                       Completely soluble in water

Specific gravity (water=1)


Flammable                                   Non combustible


For degreasing and removal of residues of mimerals oil , coal stain and soot from surface.

Safety Phrases
S-2 Keep out of the reach of children.
S-26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S-36/37/39 Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.
S-45 In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible).

Helpfull Item during Hold Cleaning operration...
1. High Pressure Hold Cleaning Gun 
2. Wash down hoses, 20 meter length, 45 mm dia complete with
coupling for ship’s fire main  ::: 6 Nos.
3. Plastic jet nozzles suitable for above hoses 4 Nos
4. Wilden Pump 
5. High pressure fresh water machine with extended handle & 30 meter of pressurised hose
6. Sufficient fresh water to complete a high pressure water rinse for all holds 100 M/T for 5 hold vessel
7. Telescopic Ladder to extend approx. 5 meters 3 Nos.
8. Long Handle Steel Scrappers 8 Nos.
9. Long Handle rubber squeegee complete with 1 meter rubber blade 6 Nos.
10. Heavy duty brooms suitable for Hold Cleaning 12 Nos.
11. Corn brooms with handle 8 Nos.
12. Heavy duty mops 6 Nos.
13. Spare Mop Heads 6 Nos.
14. Galvanized roller winger, mop buckets 4 Nos.
15. Turks heads, round head 4” 6 Nos.
16. Steel Hand Shovel, 6” wide, suitable for digging out hold bilges 6 Nos.
17. Soogee cloth, 25 Meter length, width approximately 30 cm 3 Nos.
18. Burlap, 50 Meter length X 1 Meter wide 1 Roll
S/L Item Quantity
19 Duct tape, grey, Industrial strength, 20 meter length X 45 mm diameter 6 Nos.
20. Transparent plastic, reinforced garden hose, complete with male and female plastic coupling for each sections 4 Nos
21. Portable Halogen lights, 500 watt, to illuminate holds during cleaning. Each lamp to be complete with 50 meters of cable and have a waterproof plug fitted 4 Nos.
22. Spare Halogen Bulbs for above 10 Nos.
23. Aqua Tuff or other cleaning agent (if previous cargo was coal) for 5 holds
24. Telescopic Ladder to extend approx. 5 meters 3 Nos.
25. Muriatic Acid/Hydrochloric Acid (if previous cargo was Cement) with protective equipment 6 Nos.
26. Rags 200 kg

Aquatuff High foam can be use as Ship hold cleaning agent, Alkaline Detergent, High Foam Cleaner, Cargo cleaning agent, Coal cleaning chemicals, Ship hold multi purpose clenaer. Effective detergent helps for preparation of cargo holds prior to loading, Aquatuff high foam is compatible with cargo hold cleaning equipment.

Aquatuff High Foam detergent classified as versatile hold cleaning chemicals, cargo hold washing liquid. As it is very effective cleaning chemical for cargo holds.

Aquatuff cleaner always helpfull as a multi purpsoe cargo hold cleaning chemicals also suitable cleaner for  necessary preparation prior to loading grain in bulk, hold cleaning after cement etc

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hold cleaning chemicals
cargo hold washing
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necessary preparation prior to loading grain in bulk
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3 Pieces of Good Advice:
Apply  AquaTuff on the dry surface where possible! A dry surface will absorb far better than a wet surface. When applying AquaTuff on vertical surfaces: Start application from the bottom and work upwards! If beginning from the top and going downwards, the AquaTuff may produce "channels" down the surface, thereby running too fast off the surface. During high-pressure cleaning: It is important that the rinsing water does not run over non-cleaned surfaces! The rinsing water can draw soap from the surface if running over non-cleaned surfaces. High pressure together with the optimum concentration of AquaTuff will give the best effect .

Directions for Use and Dose Rates:
General Cleaning:- AquaTuff can be used for all types of cleaning &  degreasing & may be applied by  Brush, Hand spray, high and low pressure washing machines etc. Time necessary for cleaning depends on the nature and thickness of the deposits. 20-30 min. will suffice for   most applications. Hardened, carbonised or aged deposits may require up to 4 hours. If the cleaning solution is not heavily contaminated, it may be re-used at a later stage. If allowed to cool, the de-gassing procedure must be repeated. Depending on degree of contamination AquaTuff should be mixed with warm water at a rate of 50-200 ml   per 10 litres. i.e. 1 cup of AquaTuff to a bucket of water. An aquatuff solution can be applied simply by mops, brushes or rags, or by dipping the soiled articles into the AquaTuff solution. After cleaning, rinse off with cold or warm water. Due to high foaming properties, AquaTuff is not recommended for washing machines.                        

Tank Cleaning:-Cargo tank cleaning to remove residues of Mineral, Animal, Vegetable or Fish oil, Waxes  &  Soot from inert gas systems.

Method of Application and Dose Rates:-

  • Direct injection method for tank washing machines. Dose rate 1-5 litres per ton wash water (0.1-0.5%).
  • Recirculation method. Dose rate 1-7 litres per ton wash water (0.1-0.7%).
  • Spot cleaning. Hand spray neat or diluted with up to 5 parts water and leave for several minutes before rinsing off with clean water.

Cleaning of Cargo Tanks to Remove Soot from Inert Gas Systems:-

  • Spray AquaTuff on with a high-pressure cleaning machine and use 1:6 with water. If used with the hand sprayer, spray the product neat onto the surface, allowing 1 lit. for every 12 m2. Use a 5-8% solution in a tank washing machine.
  • Leave for about 30-45 minutes. The surface should be kept wet.
  • Wash down with hot water (80°C) and check the cargo tank.
  • Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Note:- Whenever possible, the cleaning solution should be heated to 60-80°C.If this method is not possible, other conventional methods such as separate rate direct injection, recirculation or hand spraying provide acceptable options.For boiler fire side cleaning, a 10-20 % hot solution, (temp. above 40°C), should be sprayed on to the surfaces to be cleaned. Allow to penetrate for 20 minutes and flush off. For deposits which are very hard to remove, increase the concentration to 50% and repeat if necessary.

Aquatuff HIgh foam is classified marine hold cleaning alkaline detergent.

After dilution of Aquatuff high foam with ration of 1:10 with water, It can be mix with RXSOL PCS coal remover RXSOL-22-2208-050 to get extra cleaning foam effect during coal stain removing cleaning operation.

AQUATuff High Foam is alkaline in nature so during cleaning operation it also effects like acidic neutralizer on residue of cargo. Acidic residue badly damaging the metal surface of cargo hold, Its neutralization with alkaline product like aquatuff high foam stop corrosion effect. We are working on Ship maintenance cleaning chemicals since 1995, which helps to modify cleaner as per day by day problem faced by end user.

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AQUA Tuff High Foam conc.

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