Alkleen Liquid Powerful tank cleaner

Alkleen Liquid concentrate tank cleaner formula principally developed for emulsification of vegetable, animal and fish oils, drying, semi-drying and non-drying natural oils and fats etc, Alkleen Liquid emulsifying agents and other surfactants are biodegradable and water soluble in nature. Alkleen Tank Cleaner also Can be used for hydrocarbon freeing of cargo tanks. 

As we observed that Alkleen powerful emulsification also resulting to clean tank from black to white.  Alkleen Liquid emulsify easily oil and grease deposits which helps to clean heavy duty deposited cargo from tank, this is the reason why ALKLEEN LIQUID is popular as a tank cleaner.

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ALKLEEN conncentrate Liquid also helpful for removing oil, carbon and greasy compounds from steam sides of condensers and heat exchangers, Steam Jennys or steam guns etc... Also effectlvely cleans removing oil from the water side of boilers.